About Max Leiva

The visited countries, from Switzerland to Bangkok, where he lived for two years -decisive years in strengthening his passion, returning to the Art History route and facing the sculptor tools- allowed this young Guatemalan to embrace a wide visual field in converging world cultures. From Mayan to European and American avant-garde art, the vocabulary of his own art integrates the grand universal clamor where the particularities of each country, each tribe, each family, intertwine… His artistic path materializes in the figurative or the abstract, claiming not only his roots from the grand Mayan culture of Central America, which nourish him, but also his thirst for the nectar of life taken from the fountain of the world’s songs. To tell the truth, the medley of cultures found in Max Leiva one of the most talented and warm ambassadors-creators of his time.

To his insatiable curiosity and natural inclination towards otherness, the artist adds that which he finds intrinsically bonded with creation:  the rendering of himself.  He is totally committed, without concession, with absolute probity.  Few are the artists who possess such sincerity, to whom one can say without lying that his work resembles himself.  In fact, it would not be enough to declare that Max Leiva’s sculptures are from… Max Leiva, as they ARE MAX LEIVA.  It is as if the artist has fused his breath in bronze.

Noël Coret.


I like what I do, and I do not think much about the reasons that have led me to be a sculptor or where this may lead. The demands of art are not tangible; they do not belong to the world of needs. This is why I believe it is a constant act of defiance, which happily provides freedom.I want people to get to know my work better. I want them to take their time to observe it more. I intend this to be a meditative exercise. I want to take the spectator on a journey of understanding and feeling my work. Although some sculptures call upon more contemplation than others. 

Max Leiva.


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