Max Leiva Book


This hardcover book includes 236 full color pages containing a selection of the Max Leiva sculptoric work starting from 1998, and an introduction written by Noel Coret, President of the Salon d’Automne in Paris, and texts by Guatemalan writer Rodrigo Rey Rosa and Silvia Herrera Ubico, PhD.

The author expects that this printed material will invite the public to unveil the sculptures with eyes and soul, and feel and discover the guiding principle that lies in the creative process of each. Among its pages there are some sketches and a tour that brings the viewer closer to the evolution of his creative process.

Thelma Castillo and Marcel Fonjallaz were in charge of production and publication of the work. During her years of work at the G&T Foundation, Thelma collaborated in the production of 13 books of this type. Marcel Fonjallaz is a Swiss artist living in Guatemala, with extensive knowledge in the field of humanities and literature. The exclusive design is by Herbert Expletus Sandoval. The photographers involved are Alan Benchoam, Ange Bourda and Jose Carlos Flores.

The book is available at Sophos, Artemis Edinter and art galleries throughout the country, at a price of Q.550.00.